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‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ players discover an easy way to obtain firearms by killing zombies

November 19, 2023 By admin

Activision Blizzard’s reinvented Modern Warfare series’ third installment has changed how players obtain equipment in the shooter, with nearly half of all weaponry now locked behind armoury tasks.
When a player achieves level 25, he or she can unlock armoury challenges by completing daily tasks. However, these are restricted to three every day, making unlocking every weapon a bit of a chore.

Some gamers, however, have developed a solution. Any weapon or throwable removed in-game gets permanently unlocked in multiplayer with Modern Warfare 3’s Zombie mode, which is based on Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode.

Players can acquire previously restricted weapons on the Zombie map by purchasing them from certain locations or earning them as a prize for completing contracts. Players must just complete the map without dying to permanently acquire these weapons. PCGamer also stated that players may gain weapons by collecting up those dropped by other players and removing themselves from the map.

However, only weapons and throwables loaded in your main inventory will count as unlocked by this technique, while items in your bag will be disregarded. Furthermore, several specialist attachments, killstreaks, and cosmetics are not accessible via the Zombie map and must be obtained through armoury tasks.

“For most fans, this year’s excellent multiplayer offering will be enough incentive to plunge into this year’s Call Of Duty, thanks to its well-paced matches and on-point weapon balance,” according to the review. “Yet when you consider the game’s disappointing campaign, baffling Zombies missteps, and excellent but familiar maps, Modern Warfare 3 is a phoned-in birthday party for a series that should be celebrating its 20th anniversary in style.”

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