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Features, accessories, and official photos of Xiaomi’s first Car are revealed

November 20, 2023 By admin

Xiaomi made history by formally releasing the official details and pictures of their much awaited electric car. The photos, which are in line with other leaked prototypes, feature a modern style with a large Xiaomi logo at the back that exudes creativity and brand identity.

Key Features

There has been much anticipation around Xiaomi’s entry into the electric car industry, and this enthusiasm is further increased by the formal publication of specs. The vehicle, which comes in three variants (SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max), is anticipated to have a big influence on the expanding electric vehicle market.

Excellent Performance


Not only is Xiaomi’s electric car aesthetically pleasing, but it also has a peak speed of 210 km/h. Exhilarating driving is promised by the twin motor design, which combines 220kW and 275kW for a total of 495kW. The CATL 800V ternary lithium battery, which complements this amazing power, highlights Xiaomi’s dedication to leading edge technology in the field of electric vehicles.

Unique Features

Xiaomi’s automobile stands out from the competition because to the Lidar technology installed on the roof, which demonstrates the company’s dedication to cutting-edge safety features and autonomous driving capabilities. A vital part of many self-driving systems, lidar improves the vehicle’s perception and navigation of its environment.

Customization Options

Xiaomi recognizes the value of individualization and provides a variety of customization choices for its electric car. Users may customize the automobile to fit their interests and lifestyle with a range of interior options and tire choices (245/45R19, 245/40R20).



The rivalry in the electric car market is expected to heat up as Xiaomi follows in the footsteps of other digital giants making significant progress in the automotive industry. With its entry into this market, Xiaomi is combining design excellence, cutting-edge technology, and environmental awareness. With the release of these features and pictures, Xiaomi’s adventure in the automotive sector is clearly only getting started, and fans and customers are excited to see what the company’s range of electric vehicles will look like in the future.