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Google Brings the Chromebook Plus to the AI Laptop Party

June 22, 2024 By admin

Google said on Tuesday that it will be entering the AI laptop trend by incorporating new intelligent capabilities into the Chromebook Plus model of laptops. “Help Me Write,” artificial intelligence (AI)-generated videoconferencing backdrops, a picture editor called Magic Editor, and direct access to Google’s young AI assistant Gemini from the Chromebook home screen are among the new capabilities.

Google Brings the Chromebook Plus to the AI Laptop Party

Using a prompt, Help Me Write leverages AI to assist users in creating new text or editing preexisting content to alter its tone, length, or overall voice. Any videoconferencing program may be used with the background function, which comes with a number of building prompts.

You may use Magic Editor from within the Google Photos application. To manipulate things in a picture, users may tap or circle them, then drag to resize or rearrange them with a pinch. Contextual recommendations can also be utilized to enhance a photo’s backdrop and lighting.

Gemini may be accessed on the new Chromebook Plus by tapping an icon on the home screen. Additionally, Google is providing a free 12-month trial of its sophisticated Google One AI Premium subscription to new owners of Chromebooks Plus. It has 2TB of storage, Gemini in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, and more. It also has access to Gemini Advanced.

As a means of obtaining information and completing tasks online, Google is defending its superiority over rivals like Microsoft and OpenAI, according to Ross Rubin, principal analyst at Reticle Research, a New York City-based consumer technology advisory firm. He told, “It makes sense that Google will implement these AI tools on their primary platforms, Android and Chromebooks, as they develop them.”