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How to adjust the DPI of a Mouse in Windows 11

November 20, 2023 By admin

Every person has a “sweet spot” for mouse sensitivity. If that sensitivity changes even little, you will most likely feel it in an instant. You’ll probably need to alter the mouse DPI settings when moving between mice and when using a new computer to get the sensitivity just right.

The good news is that adjusting mouse DPI in Windows 11 is really simple. However, you cannot pick a standard DPI setting since Windows 11 only offers a sensitivity range of 1-20. To properly dial in the DPI, you’ll need to alter the settings in each game or utilize third-party software.

Mouse DPI is found in the Settings menu in Windows 11. There is a simple slider that allows users to raise or reduce mouse sensitivity; the change is quick, so there is no need to save changes or quit the menu to test the pointer speed.

  1. Open the Settings menu in Windows 11.
  2. Click Bluetooth & devices > Mouse to access the full DPI controls.
  3. Use the slider next to Mouse pointer speed to adjust DPI. Moving the slider to the left makes the cursor move slower, while moving to the right makes the cursor move faster.


How to adjust mouse DPI in a game

In a video game, you may also modify the mouse DPI via the settings menu. Not all games support this, but most action games do. This is an excellent method for adjusting sensitivity, as games that utilize the mouse for aiming benefit greatly from slower movement. Most individuals, however, do not prefer a sluggish cursor speed when surfing or working on their computer.

  1. Launch a game with in-game mouse DPI controls.
  2. Go to the settings menu in the game.
  3. Find the controller and input settings.
  4. Adjust the mouse DPI up or down as desired.
  5. Exit the settings menu and start playing.

Finding the ideal mouse DPI

The amount of dots (pixels) per inch that your mouse travels is represented as mouse DPI. The faster your cursor goes, the higher the DPI. There is no such thing as perfect sensitivity because everyone’s preferences varies somewhat. Furthermore, although a high DPI may be suitable for general computing, a low DPI is preferable for many action video games. One of the greatest methods to rapidly alter mouse sensitivity is to utilize presets. This allows you to tighten motions in a game while still navigating ordinary chores rapidly.