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T-Mobile is providing Microsoft Surface Pro 9 users with 30GB of complimentary 5G data

November 20, 2023 By admin

Following the announcement earlier this month of a number of lucrative Black Friday bargains on a variety of smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets, T-Mobile has now unveiled an incredible new offer that will give Microsoft Surface Pro 9 users up to 30GB of free 5G data. However, as part of the Un-carrier’s strategy to steal as many consumers as possible from other wireless service providers, the deal is only open to non-T-Mobile users.

T-Mobile stated in a press statement that the promotion would only be available to Surface Pro 9 users who do not currently have an active T-Mobile 5G connection. It would also be restricted to 30GB of data or 90 days of service, whichever comes first. You only need to connect to the T-Mobile network and activate the device’s eSIM in order to benefit from the offer. In order to continue using the T-Mobile network, consumers will need to subscribe to an appropriate plan once the data bucket is depleted or the 90-day time restriction has passed.

T-Mo is renowned for launching creative promotions to entice people away from other networks, and the most recent one is incredibly alluring for Surface Pro 9 owners. If you fall into this category, register for the trial and, once the free data has been used up, decide whether or not you wish to keep the connection. This time, you may avoid having your card charged if you neglect to cancel at the conclusion of the 90-day term since you are not required to input your payment information when you join up.

For iPhone customers, T-Mobile is presently running some fantastic promotions. Currently, when you trade in qualifying devices, you can sign up for four new connections for $100 per month ($25 per line) and receive four iPhone 15s for free. You also get 50GB of premium data with the package, and there’s no yearly service commitment to sign. Those who merely want to get inexpensive connections for their family and aren’t in the market for new phones may also take advantage of this offer.